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Part one of Llewellyn’s Knuckle has finally been posted online. Being the opener to the fic, not much actually happens, but I hope it at least proves an entertaining read (if your eyes are willing to put up with cream text on a charcoal backing; if not, I recommend you copy and paste it to your word processing software of choice and read there).

To jump to the LK contents page, click here.

All feedback is very welcome. Drop your comments in my ask :)

Fucking hell, Frankie. I never knew you were that popular:o
(I honestly haven’t done anything to this printscreen other than crop it. Scout’s honour)

Fucking hell, Frankie. I never knew you were that popular

(I honestly haven’t done anything to this printscreen other than crop it. Scout’s honour)

1. What’s your name/blog name?2. What’s your blog’s URL?3. Write “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”.4. What is your favourite quote?5. What is your favourite song?6. What is/are your favourite band/singers?7. Anything else you want to say?8. Tag 3 bloggers to participate.

1. What’s your name/blog name?
2. What’s your blog’s URL?
3. Write “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”.
4. What is your favourite quote?
5. What is your favourite song?
6. What is/are your favourite band/singers?
7. Anything else you want to say?
8. Tag 3 bloggers to participate.








If you think sloths look cute, WAIT UNTIL YOU HEAR WHAT THEY SOUND LIKE.

;aldfjk;dsjf;lkdjslkf SO CUTE

I think I just melted a little bit.

oh my lord oh my lord oh my goodness adfghfghfhfsdghghffgghhjjgfs<3333333333333




Frankie Brown when you see this you will melt and become jelly of the cameraman.

Must make a Conservative broschure for my Politics homework…


It hurts my soul

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Page 3

Nick Clegg said something stupid as a joke, but then someone pointed out how stupid it was as though it wasn&#8217;t a joke, and now everyone thinks he&#8217;s stupid and it&#8217;s too late to say it was a joke all along.  (Photo by Scott Campbell -

Page 4


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Played 70 times


My cover with my friend of Whistle for the Choir by The Fratellis.

I be quite proud of it.  Don’t be too harsh.

So you know that time when I thought that my friends couldn’t become any more beautiful as people?

Yeah. Then I found this through a stalking experiment*, and Yaz’s voice is all deep and Frankie’s voice fits it so well and I could just listen to this all night (Could? Ha! Will) and it’s just so perfect and they’re perfect and I can’t even

and I love you both for the fact I constantly find new ways to marvel at you.

Cool. Jallen out (Y)

Among Notts Uni’s other clubs…

See guise? I told you so. Quidditch Society.

They had this whole corridor with posters for each club and society there and they covered so many things; just about every language represented (including French Soc, which would be awesome for me), most nationalities represented (including Cypriot Soc, which would be awesome for Yaz, and Kenyan Soc, for Mistry), all faiths represented of course, all music tastes, all gastronomical fancies (even a Real Ale Club) and just ugg, it looked brilliant. I was really impressed and I can definitely see myself there.

Cheers for hosting, Nottingham. It was tiring but it was damned good :)

Now excuse me while my blog continues its Elbow-centricity for the next half hour

Frankie. Chill.

You’ll find your politics folder and everything will sort itself out.

But even if it does all go tits-up — which it won’t — remember that you don’t need politics to become a satirist and, let’s face it, that’d be a far better choice :D

You’d get to slag off everyone and get called witty and sophisticated; you wouldn’t need to back up your opinions because they’d be drowned out by vociferous laughter; you just need to read the papers once a week for “research” and then you’re done.


The awkward moment when Frankie evidently trolls the #chocolate tab or similar and makes you really hungry.







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...and finally: I spent 2011 writing
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