I offer no excuse beyond my own laziness. Sorry.



I offer no excuse beyond my own laziness. Sorry.

Self inflicted deadline: Part 3 of the fic will be written, proof-read and published by 12-noon, July 31st, but hopefully before.

You saw it here first. 

Fic update

It’s been over five months, but part two of Llewellyn’s Knuckle is now live. To jump to the contents page of the fic, click here.

All feedback is immensely welcome. I hope you enjoy :)




Guess who has a completed, yet-to-be-proofread second instalment of Llewellyn’s Knuckle.

Go on.

I have added exactly one thousand words to the tally of my fic.



I like feeling productive.

Fic update

Part one of Llewellyn’s Knuckle has finally been posted online. Being the opener to the fic, not much actually happens, but I hope it at least proves an entertaining read (if your eyes are willing to put up with cream text on a charcoal backing; if not, I recommend you copy and paste it to your word processing software of choice and read there).

To jump to the LK contents page, click here.

All feedback is very welcome. Drop your comments in my ask :)

I promised myself I wouldn’t talk about this massive fic of mine until I’d actually started writing it.

Well, that became the case 3,058 words ago.

Llewellyn’s Knuckle is a go, I repeat, is a go.

So far, there’s been talk of cave paintings, different words for ‘pavement’, and Samaritans. Danielle has taken off her top*. We’ve been to three different countries.

It’s good to be writing again :)

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A couple of posts ago, I mentioned wanting to read something in a booming, Shakespearean voice for the sheer and reckless senses of abandon and joy.

After much deliberation, and given the fact that I finally got the green light from Sienna today, I went with reading the prologue I wrote (featuring her) of Llewellyn’s Knuckle (the title on which I settled for the fic a couple of weeks ago).

Yes, this is purely self-indulgent, but that’s never stopped me before.

Without further ado, I present you the dramatic reading of Zero Hour, the prologue. If you want to read along or read instead of listen, you can find the text here. Hopefully, it’s not entirely a pile of shit.

(Duration: ~07m.29s)

Oh yeah, and I think I’ve settled on a title for this fic of mine, in case you care.

Behold, for it shall be titled:

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Here’s the start of your fic thread.

I know I’ve hardly put you with your ideal bandmates, but I went with people with whom I can picture you interacting. Also, it’s a bit of a personal challenge to get as many people IRL as I can.

And sorry for making it all a bit miserable. I promise it turns out well — very well — at the end.

5000th post, btw

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YAZ gets a plane letter (of sorts)

and Laura gets a (kinda) proper plane letter vu que je lui ai donné une visage troll auparavant once she returns and has internet

and Sarawr gets something that’s just (hopefully) nice to read

It’s the very start of you guys’ strand of the fic I keep mentioning (because you all live together with Danielle… the only problem being she’s yet to crop up here). It’s really not much — 580 words, by Microsoft Word’s count; alternatively, all of about ten seconds (if that) of real time — but it’s all I’ve got and I’d like to give you something before you disappear, Yaz, and it’s not fair if I only show you when Sarah and Laura are also involved so here I am publishing it for you all equally (but for different reasons, I suppose) and thus without further ado, here it is.

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For y’all, but principally for Sarawr, who asked

The fic so far.

It is incredibly uninspiring
and on a contextual note in case you read this Sienna, OFSTED is the organisation in Britain responsible for checking up on schools. Their inspectors come round every few (~5?) years with only a few days warning, sit in on lessons and talk to staff and students to assess the school. Having OFSTED in is a school’s worse nightmare.

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Hi, I'm Joe
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I go by joedoesnumbers,
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...and finally: I spent 2011 writing
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