Elbow - Fly Boy Blue / Lunette

Peter Gabriel — Come Talk To Me (Secret World Live)

The wretched desert
takes its form,
the jackal, proud and tight.
In search of you,
I feel my way
through slowest, heaving night.

Whatever fear invents,
I swear it makes no sense.
I reach out through the border fence.
Come down, come talk to me…

The song itself starts at about 0:56 and I reckon you should give it a listen. It’s beautiful. The lyrics are brilliant, the performance is great and Paula Cole duets magnificently.

There’s also a Bon Iver cover floating around if that’s more to your taste.

Exogenesis (pts 1-3) — Muse

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“Meet Me Tomorrow”  |  Mumford & Sons  |  Excerpts from Big Easy Express

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Here In Your Arms (Acoustic) | Hellogoodbye

acoustic makes my heart melt.

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The beginning of I Write Sins Not Tragedies slowed down and layered over The Ballad of Mona Lisa

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Ed Sheeran || Give Me Love

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so if you’re crazy, i don’t care, you amaze me

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I downloaded smells like teen spirit but this is what I got instead.

I can’t even feel trolled because that’s a good mash up 


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Well, it’s whisper time remembered
Through armored thorns and knives
And it’s all that I’ve got left
To hold onto.


A’capella cover, huh… we’ll see about th…  …




Hi, I'm Joe
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I go by joedoesnumbers,
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Guy Garvey's Finest Hour (especially
because, once, the song I recommended got
played). Here's some proof. I can't even.

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...and finally: I spent 2011 writing
a poem each day, every day for the
entire year. You should check that out.

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